Big changes in life demand big leaps into the unknown. Sure, you can manage it on your own, but why struggle when you can enlist a coach to accelerate your life with a proven model of easeful success?

The investment into finding my true happy and healthy-self has been invaluable. With Veronika's guidance, we untangled my old repetitive habits that led me to almost burning out. I now enjoy my life, succeed at the job I love, and I am calmer overall. I even got a promotion in the middle of the pandemic!

Holistic approach that addresses the root cause of burnout and creates a lasting impact

Burnout Heroes coaching experience is a carefully orchestrated journey of self-discovery and self-mastery that activates mind, body and spirit. The impact of our approach is already visible within first weeks. You will experience a boost of energy thanks to experimentation and fun that will stay with you long after the program.

Veronika literally gave my life's purpose a new breath. She has this intuitive thinking that help me see the things that I knew all my life but I could not access them. I approached her when I was on the crossroads in my life - both professionally and personally. I thought I was going to solve it myself, but gladly I let Veronika help me see deeper parts of my soul, which were connected to what I was doing (living in a circles). After 3 months of work my life started to prosper again. She really cares about her clients.

Founder, NU3O

Embark On Your 



Coaching Program Outline

1. Self-worth & Empowerment

Connect deeply with yourself and get crystal clear on where in your journey you are right now.

2. Your story &


4. Limiting to Empowering Beliefs

Transmute your limiting beliefs, constructs and conditioning into empowering attitude.

7. Intuition &


8. Passion &


Create your toolkit for a highly energised living.

10. Conscious Relationships

11. Universal Energy Mastery

Understand energy, learn to use it and learn from others.

12. Your Hero's Elixir & The Great Return

Don't miss this opportunity to profoundly transform how you manage your mindset and energy to live a happier life!